Fish processing

Our company offers various types of fish products that are of the highest quality and 100% fresh thanks to the strict rules of maintaining quality and freshness.

About company

Wodnik S.C. was established in 2004 as a result of the merge of the capital and experience of two trading companies that have been operating on the market for over a dozen years.
Wodnik S.C. company CEOs: Waldemar Osipowski and Wiesław Stolarczyk both are experienced traders who have been successfully operating in the fish industry for many years.

Wholesaler Wodnik S.C. is located in Gdansk Pleniewo at the mouth of Martha Wisła river in to the sea. There are over a dozen fish pools with various types of freshwater fish at the wholesaler terrain. The fish are offered for sale directly from the water, to guarantee 100% freshness of purchase for the customer.
For several years, in the pre-Christmas and Christmas Eve period, we have been delivering the live carp to cooperating wholesalers and supermarkets in the country.

In order to make the company’s commercial offer more attractive, the Fish Processing Plant located near the warehouse was expanded in 2014. Fulfiling all sanitary requirements and regimes, we successfully carry out orders, orders from regular contractors.

By producing ice-cold products from very fresh fish delivered straight from the water, we are expanding the list of satisfied customers from supermarket chains and fish wholesalers from all over Poland.