Our company ofers following products:

Skin on or skinless carcases and fillets of freshwater and saltwater fishes. Products can be ice colded, IQF frozen or packed on a machine using MAP technology.

We rely on our own or entrusted fresh raw fish.

The species to which we have direct access are:

a) farmed fish:

– grass carp,
– silver carp,
– carp,
– trout,
– sum,

b) from the surrounding waters:

– bream
– roach
– crucian carp
– zander
– pikes

c) sea fish:

– flounder
– herring

Live fish kept in our fish pools:

– carp
– silver carp
– trout
– crucian
– grass carp
– sturgeon

All products can be prepared, sorted and packed according to the recipient’s specifications.
We have our own transport for the live fish including car refrigerators, which ensures the highest quality of our products.

We invite you to cooperation!